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Facing a felony charge in the state of Florida can be one of the most traumatic events you or a loved one may endure in a lifetime.  If you are in need of a felony or felony defense lawyer in the Orlando area, you can find the assistance needed to help you with this stressful event.  

Every aspect of the legal process involving a felony can seem overwhelming.  From police and prosecutors to judge and jury, the events that surround a felony charge are demanding.  A felony defense lawyer works hard to prove your innocence to those in question.  

A felony lawyer’s experience of legal skills is invaluable.  A felony defense lawyer strives to take on the task of protecting your rights.  It is essential in a felony charge to find the right felony defense lawyer to handle your case.  

Felony lawyers handle a variety of cases including murder, sexual assault, and domestic violence.  However, you may find the need for a felony defense lawyer also if you have been arrested for any of the following:

    1st or 2nd Degree Murder 

    1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Degree Assault

    Vehicular homicide

    Vehicular assault


In some cases the assistance of a felony lawyer may also be needed to protect your constitutional rights in sex crime cases such as:

    Rape or Statutory Rape

    Child Molestation

    Solicitation of Prostitution

    Child Pornography

An Orlando felony defense lawyer at Anthony Suarez Law Group will describe the potential penalties involved facing any of the above charges.  The professionalism involved with a felony defense lawyer keeps their client informed of any involvement before trial and during any development of the case.  Some of the services include coordination of bail bond hearings, arraignment, plea bargain and plea negotiation, bench trials, trials by jury, dismissal, and expungement.     

Our Orlando felony defense lawyer can be of assistance to help review your felony charges and determine how to best approach your defense.  With the right felony lawyer from Anthony Suarez Law, you can have your rights defended! Review our attorneys page to find out more about our Orlando felony lawyers or contact us today for answers to your questions!


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