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Criminal & Real Estate Lawyers in Orlando

Criminal Lawyers in Orlando

Established in New York state  and Florida our Law Firm in Orlando concentrates its practice to criminal law, both Federal and State, including matters such as Driving While under the influence (DUI) and Domestic violence cases.  Anthony Suarez has tried Federal cases in over 10 federal jurisdictions throughout the United States and the Territory of Puerto Rico, from complex raqueteering to identity thefts.  Our Orlando law firm has handled high profile media cases, as well as simple domestic battery matters.

All our laywers in Orlando are bilingual (Spanish) as is all the staff.

Real Estate Lawyers in Orlando

Our real estate lawyers can assist you in buying, selling any real estate as we are Both florida and New York State real estate brokers.  Our Orlando real estate law specialities include:

Foreclosure Lawyers in Orlando

Mortgage Modification Lawyers in Orlando

Short Sale Lawyers in Orlando

Bankruptcy Lawyers in Orlando

If necessary our firm can assist you in preparing for the consequences and obtain the best possible result.   Modifying your mortgage may instinctively sound as the best answer but a careful analysis of your personal situation could lead you to the decision that selling the property short sale   is your better bet. See the Mortgage Modifications page that we have posted on the website for some information that might  clear up some questions you have about your property.

Lawyer Fees Orlando

Most importantly, our Orlando lawyer fees are extremely reasonable and most of our clients are on a flat rate basis.  No hourly charges that can make hiring a lawyer in Orlando a perilous task.  We are affordable while providing quality work through experience and due diligence.  Visit Our Attorneys page to review their biographies and resumes, see the lawyers in Orlando you are hiring.